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By     |    May 18, 2012
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New links section with the help of WordPress – do shortcode!

I had a little spare time tonight so I made a nice little ‘links’ section on my new website. I wanted to be able to manage this easily so it made sense to try and incorporate the WordPress install I already had set up. I used the WordPress links capabilities along with a plugin called Link Library This plugin is highly customisable and well worth a look if you […]

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By     |    May 13, 2012
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Welcome to my web development blog!

As I have been working constantly over the last few years it hadn’t occurred to me that I didn’t have a showcase of past projects. So I have created this blog / site to help me showcase what I can do as a freelancer but also as a log of what’s happening in my web world. This blog is built on WordPress, I have modified a theme call “WP Anniversary” […]

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