I am experienced in all aspects of creating & managing web based projects.

Over the past 16 years I have worked with many different types of clients from individuals to large organisations. This has given me an excellent understanding of what different clients expect and how to deal with their expectations in order to deliver a project successfully.

I have worked with a number of design / print based agency's offering my skills on a consultancy / mentoring level, helping them evolve their business into the new digital era. This is an area of my buisness which I am keen to explore and will be happy to discuss before any comitments are made.

Before I became a web developer I worked as a graphic designer / desktop publisher. This experience really helps when working with web designers and the overall understanding of the industry connected to web design.

I am used to working to tight deadlines and understand that in this industry, this is expected by many clients. I am happy to work outside of normal business hours in order to get customers sites live or problems fixed.

Below are some key areas I work in.

HTML 5, CSS 3 = creating web pages

I can easily create web pages from PSD or similar supplied files. I create standard compliant code that works cross browser. I have a range of different testing environments to ensure my code works for everyone.

HTML 5, CSS 3 = creating web pages

HTML email creation & E Marketing

I have worked on many E Marketing projects and regularly create HTML emails for these. Some of these campaigns have been received by over 70,000 people with me being responsible for making sure the email displays correctly for each of these!

I regularly use MailChimp and Campaign Monitor to send email campaigns out and manage subscribes. I would recommend using these but I'm happy to work with other email marketing software’s.

JavaScript => jQuery

JavaScript => jQuery

I love working with jQuery and integrating AJAX into web projects to help create rich user experiences. I am comfortable with all aspects of jQuery / JavaScript programming.

My knowledge of jQuery /JavaScript make it easy for me to work with API’s like Facebook and Google maps.

WordPress icon

WordPress Development

I am a regular WordPress developer creating sites from scratch I also have some basic plug-in development experience. I keep up to date with the version changes and manage a number of WordPress sites handling updates and general maintenance work.

OpenCart Icon

OpenCart Development

Over the last few years I have worked on many OpenCart projects and can confidently create new sites or work with current online shops. I have experience in creating vQmod modules and site modifications ensuring sites can still easily be updated and managed by future developers. I have a vast knowledge of what can be achieved with this open source e-commerce platform and the modules & extensions, which are currently available.


A lot of my projects involve the server side scripting language PHP with MYSQL database integration. I have worked on a wide variety of PHP based projects with examples detailed below.

Internal NHS systems

A System to display data via php generated graphs which could be viewed via website or emailed as an attached PDF, plus many more features.

Custom Content Management Systems

I have created Custom Content Management Systems (CMS) for many different applications. I have also worked with clients current CMS systems with me creating compatible modules for these.

PHP based Barcode ticketing system

I created a web based ticketing system which utilises PHP generated Barcodes and plugs into both PayPal and SagePay API's. The system was required to produce many different types of tickets for both the public and traders at the event. These tickets generated via the system and then emailed out to the customers.

Various API’s, Facebook, Google Maps, it does not matter if they are documented.

I have a lot of experience working with the Google Maps API and have worked on many projects as a Google Maps developer / advisor. I love working with different API’s making useful web applications. I have a number of personal projects, which utilise Facebook, & Google maps API’s.

Web Site Planning & Guidance

I get many enquiries from companies & individuals who have an idea for a web based project but require some advice & guidance to take their idea to the next stage. I spend time with these clients planning out their projects and exploring their ideas. From this we then create a brief or spec document, which can then be used to price the project.