20 Dec

OpenCart upgrades and maintenance services now available

Over the last year a lot of people have been enquiring about work relating to OpenCart based websites. I have happily taken this on as I have a lot of experience working with this open source e-commerce platform. I can confidently create new OpenCart sites or modify & improve sites which already exist.

I have seen a lot of people purchasing budget packages and not getting any support with them. Normally in these cases the website owners are unaware of things like backups & upgrades.

Unfortunately it seems many OpenCart websites are not being developed correctly and corners are been cut to keep development costs down. This can cause issues in the future when upgrading, bug fixing and installing new extensions or modules.

Some people think they will never have to upgrade their versions of OpenCart on which their websites run. This is just not the case and sometime in the future a Payment Gateway could change their module or a web server upgrade could force you to have to upgrade.

I am happy to take over sites that other companies have created or just be on hand for when you may need some support or maintenance work done on your online shop. I can also offer affordable, fast, reliable website hosting if moving from another company. My hosting is provided via Rackspace so it is about the best money can buy and is ideal for running OpenCart!

If you are trading online it is so important to make sure your website is correctly setup with no hidden surprises. You need to have in place reliable fast technical support that already knows your site. When taking sites over developed by other companies it is essential that valuable time is spent assessing the site. If you have such a site that you would like me to work on or take over, please get in touch – 07540 261635.


  • Interested in your rates, and of course your suggestions for the site, as it would be useful to have an additional or back-up resource as well as another point of view.



    • Hi, I will take a look at your site and reply via email.

      Jack Sowden

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