11 Aug

Recent sites for the new Sheffield based company Foster & Scott

I have recently started working for a new Sheffield based company Foster & Scott who are a multi-disciplined creative agency. The company has been formed by two people with whom have worked individually over the last few years.

Over the past few months we have done some really exciting / challenging projects together. From WordPress / Buddy Press sites to OpenCart e-commerce sites. I have been getting involved in all aspects of running the digital side of their business and am now a happy freelance member of their team.

We have secured many new contracts recently and hope to continue working together well into the future.

Below are two of the bigger projects we have recently worked on;

FunMeFit – is NEW community-based website that helps you find ways to be more active and have fun with your family. This site is powered by Word press / Buddy press; it already has well over 200 members. These members are using the site on a regular basis making the website a great success. We are now working with FunMeFit  developing their website further. This website can be viewed here.

Toner Cart – is an e-commerce site, which sells toner cartridges for photocopiers and printers. In a challenging online market this site has started to perform and we are working closely with the company to maximize the success of the website. This website can be viewed here.

We have also worked on many different smaller sites for a whole range of different clients.

Both myself and Foster & Scott offer a whole range of budget website solutions as we understand that not everyone can afford to start off with a 2K plus site.

If you are looking for a budget site please get in touch.

So, what do you think?